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Img516.jpgMom Needs Chocolate:      Released  AMarch 31, 2009  *Purchase HERE*      Debbie's Articles
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Img1074.jpg     Debora on "Taming the Beauty Beast

         "The Good Life" TV45 Interview

             Chocolate Parody - Mom Loves Chocolate


Media Clippings & Mp3's

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 Walking in God's Pathway  Temple Terrace Christian - Storefront
 Local Author's Book Published Nationally  Workshop to help Writers of all Levels
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 Life's Little Book of Wisdom for Girls  Grit for the Oyster - Cover
 Debbie Chavez Show Interview  Grit for the Oyster Commerical
 Getting it Right After Getting It Wrong - Curt Miller  Writer Has Help for Harried Moms - St. Pete Times
 FamilyNet.com "Mornings" show with Lori & Larry (7/5/09)  Mom Reflects on Pains of Parenting - St. Pete Times
 KBJS "Mornings with Randy" Interview (7/22/09)  Share in Sweet Treat - MNC Book Signing - Brandon News
 The Distant Shore - Audio Mp3 Files Zip  Chocolate-Loving Mothers a Message - Osprey Observer


FILES & Magazine Articles

 Writer's Workshop ACW Posters   Young Writer's Workshop
 Writer's Workshop Schedule  Beverly Lewis & Debora Coty - Living Word
 Billowing Sails Cover  The Good Life Interview
 Donna Seebo Interview - Grit for the Oyster  Debora Coty (Before)
 The Tampa Tribune - Do-Over  Debora Coty (After)
 Das Geheimnis des Trostes  Debora Coty (Bio) - Doc
 A Mother's Fondest Dreamzzz  FIWR front cover - September 25, 2010 (jpg)
 ( Preserving Precious Memories  FIWR front cover - September 25, 2010 (pdf)
 Should We Take it Personally?  Debora M. Coty Trifold Brochure (2009)
 Just What They Need: 6 Way to Encourage...  FIMR Schedule (2010) doc
 Excerpt from the Distant Shore  FIMR Registration (2010) doc
 Mountaintop Cathedral  
 Critter Lessons  Diana & the Lamp
 How Big Is God?  
 My Cup Runneth Over  
 Be a Good Sport  

Book Covers
 The Distant Shore  Billowing Sails 
 Heavenly Humor for the Women's Soul  Grit for the Oyster 
 Mom Needs Chocolate  Wispers of Wisdom for Busy Women 
 A Cup of Comfort  Everyday Hope
 Prayers for Daughters  

 The Distant Shore - Chapter 01 - Debora Coty  
 The Distant Shore - Chapter 02 - Debora Coty