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"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped to do every good work." - 2 Tim. 3;16,17  - Remember, the Scripture was written for us but it was not written to us!



Our goal is share an alternative view of end times prophecy.  We want to expose folks to a fulfilled view of eschatology.  We espouse all the essential doctrines of our faith and it is not heretical to question the "Left Behind" view that has dominated the landscape for the past 40 yrs. We have no axe to grind and we are saddened when those who have been inculcated with a different paradign want to brand these views as "cult-like". Jump right in & take a fresh new look at this important topic of fulfilled prophecy. This may be foreign to you but if you immerse yourself in Scripture, put away your presuppositions, & open your heart we believe you'll be thrilled with the outcome.  Your views on this subject will affect your politics; your view of God, evangelism; & how you live.  Most of the writer's below appear to "correctly handle the Word of truth" with gentleness & respect.  

 We want to answer the following questions:Preterist Links PreterismEnd of an AgeHistoryCHARTSBibleOpen LetterTIMELINEImg602.jpg

  1. Are we truly living in the "Last Days"? But what?POP TheologyImg1208.jpg
  2. What did Jesus & the writers of the N.T. say about the "end of time"?
  3. Is it heretical to question premillennial dispensationalism & the eschatology embedded in the "Left Behind" series? TribulationIs satan ruling the earth today?  What about the mark of the beast?  How about the antiChrist(s)?
  4. Is Middle East peace an oxymoron?ZionismNow What?
  5. Is a 21st century rapture Biblical?Jerusalem  Is Christ's return imminent?
  6. How long must today's theologians continue to be wrong before we take a closer look?
  7. If the Scripture is to be taken literallly then why are the statements of imminency ignored?
  8. Is God still concerned with the dirt (the land of Israel), manmade edifices (temples) & genetic origin (The Jews) ?
  9. Are there truly two people's of God?  Is God still concerned with modern apostate Israel?
  10. Does any of this really matter?  Why should I care? Will it make a difference in my life?

Are we nearing the end of the world or were they nearing the end of an age? World's End?

What in the world is Preterism & how does it differ from Dispensational Premillennialism?

But what About...? How does it all fit?Winter 2006

Challenging Pop Theology


Christian Zionism - is it Biblical?  Is physical Israel distinct from the Israel of God?

Putting Eschatology in Context - Now what?

History of the Roman-Jewish War (AD 66-73)  & the work of Josephus

"The destruction of Jerusalem in A.D.70, only five years after
our epistle, was the greatest single event of a thousand
years, and religiously significant beyond anything else that
ever occurred in human history."
(James Burton Coffman, Commentary on James,
1 & 2 Peter
, p. 231)

Lamentations 1:1 
      "How deserted lies the city,
       once so full of people!
       How like a widow is she,
       who once was great among the nations! 
       She who was queen among the provinces
       has now become a slave.

"Contrary to popular perception, the Wailing Wall (Western Wall)was never a part of the Temple itself, but is merely the exposed Southwestern portion of the massive platform (or "Temple Mount") upon which the Holy Temple once stood, and which now supports the Dome of the Rock and the El Aqsa mosque.  The Temple itself has long since been utterly and completely obliterated, to the point that scholars still argue about its exact positioning on the mount. What is known is that the Holy of Holies was on the Western end, which is the main reason the Western Wall of the platform became so important to later generations of Jews -- it was as close as they could get to the Holy of Holies without actually going on top of the mount, which the most conservative factions will not do, for fear of inadvertently treading on the Most Holy site and profaning it." - David Brown

History-Apocalypsewestern wall2.jpg



*Much of the information above (as well as the content on the CECC page) will confront presuppositions that many have long assumed to be factual.  In our humble opinion, a paradigm shift is badly needed within the Christian community regarding these issues.  If you read "Christian Zionists on the Road to Armageddon" you will realize what's at stake. 

Anyone questioning the premillennial dispensational line that has dominated the landscape since Hal Lindsey's, The Late Great Planet Earth burst onto the scene in 1970, is at best trivialized and oftentimes is branded a heretic.  R.C. Sproul, a renowned apologist, scholar & philosopher, argues in his book, The Last Days According to Jesus, that we cannot play "linguistic gymnastics" with the meaning of Jesus' words that He would return in that generation.  Let's attempt to put on 1st century glasses when we read the New Testament and may we never discount the power of Christ's resurrection and God's ability to transform lives.Img613.jpg

Don't be left behind living in the last days !

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