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Water Fuel

Plugged Online
Heartwarming Basketball Story Spotlight on Movies
Friday vs. Monday Focus on the Family
Passport Control Christian Coalition
Bad Cold Music Force
Christmas Lights Snopes.com
Rocky the Dog All About Truth
Counseling Hotline Speed Test Your Connection
Cup Stacking World Record! Reverse Number Lookup
We Won't Get Fooled Again IP Address Lookup
Funny but Sad Dictionary
Mind Reader  Helicopter Song Facts
Contract Juggling  Parachute 2,000 Yrs & Counting
 2005 Fantastic Photos  God's Incredible Creations

  Some Standing...Only Imagine 

                                  Watch these Amazing Videos!Star Wars The Prosperity GospelPipe DreamsSovereigntyImg1345.pngUke WeepingBike LoadingWhy is there Evil?Img671.pngPresuppositionalism1st Testament
JugglersMentos & Diet CokeAndre Kole                            
Most are of listed on left margin        Skidboot                          
                                  (make sure your sound is on)Robertson on EndDa VinciAndre KoleFilesArt Williams -

                                   My Tribute to Mom   


     Dr. David Nicholas' Memorial Sermon for Jane Ann B. Coty



Christian Zionism on the Road to Armageddon - Stephen Sizer

                    Why Is There Evil? - John Piper

                                      AD 70

                            The Energy NON-Crisis

                   Art Williams "Do It" Speech - 1987

                                       The Sovereignty of God

                  The Prosperity Gospel - John Piper

        Presuppositionalism (Well done until the last line)

     Bill Graham & Robert Schuler - "The Wide Road"

          Inrto to Fulfilled Eschatology - William Bell

                    Go Back to the 1st Testament

    I can only imagine - A Father's unfailing love for his son

 While my guitar gently weeps on a yuke - absolutely amazing!

                      Skidboot the Amazing Dog

                                       The Da Vinci Delusion

                                               PIPE DREAMS

                                    How to Load Your Bike

                  Pat Robertson discusses the "Left Behind" Eschatology


                                                                        New Juggler

                                                               Fantastic Juggler

                                                                    Piano Juggler

                                                 Mentos & Diet Coke Experiment !!!

                            Diet Coke & Mentos Experiment # 214

                                 Star Wars Rip-off (pretty well done)

                          Criss Angel - pushes bottle through table

                                            Fantastic Juggler

                               Criss Angel - Goes through plate glass

                              Criss Angel Walk Between Buildings

                             Criss Angel's Building Walk Revealed

                                 Criss Angel Walks Across Pool

                                      Criss Angel Levitates Girl

                                         Andre Kole Walks on Water

                            Andre Kole Walks on Water in Chamber

The Who Webcast - Live 2006

Benny Hinn's Wife & the Holy Ghost Enema

Sail On Sailor (song)

Little Country Church







9/11 Debunking the Myths - By Popular Mechanics Magazine
Pod People Hijack 9/11 Truth Movement
Popular Mechanics Attacks its "9/11 Lies" Strawman
9/11 Anomolies - 9/11 Research.com

                          The Great Conspiracy 

Preterist Pilgrim Weekend 2008

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