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Is Cholesterol the Real Culprit in Heart Disease?

  • Cholesterol Myths (910kb) 
  • The Cholesterol Myth by (261kb)
  • Feeding the Irrational Fear of Cholesterol (191kb) Img789.gif
  • The Cholesterol Myths (151kb)
  • The Real Solution to Heart Disease (24kb)

Is Sunscreen Good?  Is Sunlight bad?

  • The Sun & Skin Cancer (226kb)
  • Sunlight Robbery (323kb) 
  • The Great Sunscreen Rip-Off (22kb)Img602.jpg
  • Shedding Fat May  Save Money (49kb)

Misc. Articles

  • The Water Cure (337kb)

Health Links


Country Life - Lysine (500mg caps)
Country Life - Magnesium-Potassium (500mg -180 tabs)
Biochem - Saw Palmetto & Pygeum (90 caps)
Solaray - Refresh (120 caps)
Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance Powder (12oz)
MegaFlax ProActive (1 lb)





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