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                             By David Curtis

Audio Sermons


 Written Sermons (pdf)

1. Introduction to the Olivet Discourse

 Matthew 24:1-2

 Introduction to the Olivet Discourse
2. Their Questions

 Matthew 24:3

 Their Questions
3. Gospel Preached to All the World

 Matthew 24:4-14

 Gospel Preached to All the World 

4. The Abomination of Desolation 

 Matthew 24:15-20

 The Abomination of Desolation 

5. The Great Tribulation

 Matthew 24:21

 The Great Tribulation
6. The Night the Lights Went Out

 Matthew 24:22-29

 The Night the Lights Went Out
7. The Sign of His Coming

 Matthew 24:30-31

 The Sign of His Coming
8. This Generation

 Matthew 24:32-34

 This Generation
9. Global Holocaust or Covenantal Change?

 Matthew 24:35

 Global Holocaust or CovenantalChange?  doc
10. A Third Coming?

 Matthew 24:36-42

 A Third Coming?  doc
11. Watch-Be Ready

 Matthew 24:42-51

 Watch-Be Ready
12. The Foolish Virgins

 Matthew 25:1-13

 The Foolish Virgins
13. The Parable of the Talents

 Matthew 25:14-30

 The Parable of the Talents
14. Judgment of the Sheep & Goats

 Matthew 25: 31-46

 Judgment of the Sheep & Goats













*These sermons were preached at Berean Bible Church between November 1997 & April 1998

Real Player must be installed prior to listenign to the audio sermons.  It is imperitive that you have a broadband connection to be able to listen.

Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0 (pdf document reader) or above must be installed in order to read the written sermons.  Each sermon is approx 75kb.

Both programs have free versions. 



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