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We believe that the two-party system (in its current state) is out of control & is in desperate need of reform.  We cannot support the Democrat Party because the party has become  skewed to the point where the stated platform & the most outspoken leaders are diametrically opposed to much of which we hold precious.


However, at this point, although we agree with a great deal of the stated platform of the Republican Party, they have violated our trust & therefore we can no longer justify support for this party as it now stands.  During the past 6 years of President Bush's term we have been extremely saddened by the abandonment of this party's stated core values.  We believe that the replublican controlled congress deserves either a "D" or an "F" regarding their fulfillment of promises & it seems rather apparent that many if not most of these elected officials have forgotten why they were elected.

Current Administration's positives1st AmendmentGod & CaesarThe Philosophy of Liberty

  • Federal judicial nominations of those that appear to have the intent to interpret not legistlate - Bush RevealedRomans 13 Ulocked

We’re now 6 years into this president’s time in the White House and suffice it to say, after analyzing the situation, we found that there was only one trophy displayed prominently on the admin’s mantle of conservative values: Judicial appointments.   They appointed two of what we hope turn out to be conservative (only time will tell) justices & a fair number of non-activist federal judges.  And since it appears that our land is currently ruled more by courts than by legislators this is not insignificant.  Certainly this would not have taken place had the opposition party candidate been elected. 

Current Administration's negativesRomans 13Constitution PartyMustard Seed PlotThe American ViewStop the ACLU

  • Not one spending bill has been vetoed (to our knowledge) - we cannot continue spending at this alarming rate wtihout serious reprocussions.
  • Our immigration policy is a disaster  (we are all for "legal" immigration - we vehimently oppose the use of the  term "undocumented worker") - We must count the cost of amnestry.
  • Socially we can see very little actual difference between the repubs & dems (rhetoric means nothing)
  • Loss of too many freedoms per the Patriot Act under the guise of our "War On TerroImg762.jpgr"
  • Our uneven handling of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict is raking havoc in the MIddle East (our policy to a large extent is fueled by bad eschatology - there is a great deal of "pressure" born on this administration by the likes of Falwell, Robertson & LaHaye to support continued Israeli occupation & dominance over the Palestinians due to what they believe a God-ordained future for the "Land of Israel".  We must have elected officials who are passionate about human rights, not those who are beholden to the most powerful special interest groups.

Relative to the above analysis, the scales have tipped decidedly negative & this current admin/congress has been found wanting. We are at a crossroads & in our opinion we desperately need a change.  We can continue the status quo or we can be change agents. 


I understand that we all want our votes to count and to some extent our valuable voting asset may turn into that of a protest with little chance of securing a victory.  Img776.png


In 2004 I was challenged by a friend with the proposition of supporting Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party.  After investigation we found that we agreed across the board with this candidate's major positions but at that time we felt that it was not best to change allegiance for the following reasons:


1.    By the time we heard of his candidacy it was far too late in the game & clear that votes taken away from Bush may have helped secure a Kerry win. 

2.    The admin was engaged in a war both domestic & abroad & we thought it irresponsible to use our votes in such a way that might force us to change course. (we were naive enough to believe that we had an effective path in mind)

3.    We were not fully convinced that the admin & congress wouldn’t turn things around.  (we’re sorry to report that we were wrong)


Times have certainly changed & the true colors of this president’s chameleon-like administration are now extremely visible & quite clear.  We feel that we have given them the benefit of doubt at every turn.


At this point we think it is imperative that a grassroots campaign begin & that this obstacle of “wasting our vote” be removed from our thinking. We spoke with a good friend yesterday who might be to the right of the John Birch Society’s president (if that’s possible), and he shared the same feelings.  He feels sold out & so do we. 


We realize that the task is daunting and the short-term potential is rather grim but principals & idealism do count for something.  All movements have to begin somewhere. Why not with us?  We may have little short term impact but this is clearly a battle for our future.


Therefore, we have made the decision to support the "Constitution Party".  Today, 2004's candidate, Michael Peroutka, has not committed to make another run for president but hopefully he will again throw his hat in the ring in 2008.  If not there is another possible suitor in the wings.  A recent article on the “WorldNetDaily” Web site reported that “Minuteman Project” founder Jim Gilchrist might be interested in running for President as the Constitution Party’s nominee.


Check out the Constitution Party’s platform below & read through their FAQs & see if it might be worthy of your support. 


Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators - David Chilton


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