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Constitution Party

Our world & life view will lead us to...

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Understanding the 1st Amendment
Jesus & the Founding of America
The Biblical Antidote to Legalism

Hard Times for Purveyors of Envyworldview overlay2.jpg
Secrets of the Humanists

Answering a Critic
Christ, Muhammad, & the Culture of Beheading
Why We Need Rich People
Social Security - A Raw Deal
America's Christian Founding
The Anti-Federalists Were Right
The Disengaged ChristianConstitutionBill of RightsDeclarationPrimaryWolrd Mag.
When Does Life Begin? 
Who Broke the Baby? - Preface
What we know about embryonic stem cells - Maureen L. Condic
An Experiment In Climate Change - Global Warming?
Harry Potter's Not the Problem - The public school is atheistic
Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators - Chilton




                        The Myth of Global Warming

                         Global Warming Skeptic

1. John the Son of Zebedee (xls)
2. John the Son of Zebedee (pdf)
3. Who Wrote the 4th Gospel (12 questions) (pdf)