Putting the Bibles into Instaverse:


1.        The Goal is to put the downloaded Instaverse zip file containing the added Bibles (ivubu_02092007-1.zip) into the following location: C:\Program Files\Instaverse\Backups.  If you know how to do this then go to #11.  The Backup folder is not created by the initial Instaverse install.  The next 10 steps will take you through that process.

2.        Using “My Computer”, create a folder within Instaverse entitled “Backups”.  To accomplish this do the following.

3.         The default location for Instaverse as mentioned above is: C:\Program Files\Instaverse.  Go to this folder by clicking on the “C” drive (that’s your default hard drive) in the right window pane. 

4.         Then in the left windows pane click on the “Program Files” folder.  Once you click on “Program Files” that will bring up a list of all programs installed on your computer & you should see them in both left & right window panes.

5.         In the left pane click on “Instaverse” from the alphabetical list.  You may have to scroll down.  That will bring up the “Instaverse” sub folders & “Backups” will not be listed yet.

6.         Once you are in this folder (C:\Program Files\Instaverse), right click on the right pane in an empty area (not on any files or folders of which there should be a few)

7.         Now in the drop-down menu click on “New Folder”.  That will insert a folder entitled “New Folder” highlighted in blue.  Type “Backups” (without the quotations of course).  Now you will have a folder named “Backups” within Instaverse.

8.         Now find the file that you downloaded (you have to know the location of that file—it probably went into a folder named “My Documents”.  You can re-download the file from my website @ http://charlescoty.com/Files.html#Files.  Right click on “Instaverse Bibles” & then click on “Save Target As”.  At this point you can control the location of the download—if you just want to put it into the folder listed at the top of the “Save As” window then just remember that location & click “Save”.  Now the zip file will be on your hard drive in the location you specified.

9.         Find the downloaded zip file on your hard drive named “ivubu_02092007-1.zip” & then right click on it.  That will bring up a menu.  Click on “Copy”.

10.      Now go back to the “C:\Program\Files\Instaverse\Backups” folder that you created & in the right pane, right click on an empty area.  Click on “Paste” & that will put the file “ivubu_02092007-1.zip” into your “Backups” folder.

11.      Now you have to “restore” the Bibles into Instaverse.  Go to the Instaverse program by double clicking on the Instaverse icon in the system tray (right bottom of screen).

12.      With the Instaverse program window in view, Click on “Menu” & up pops a window.  Click on “Backup/Restore” & another window will pop up. 

13.      Take the 2nd choice & a “Restore” window will pop up.  These updated bibles should appear in the window as “Friday, Feb 9….”  Just click Restore. 

14.      Now Click on “Menu” & then “Exit”.  This is totally close the program.  If you simply click the “X” at the top of the program window it will move the program back into the system tray but the program will not close completely—it will be active. 

15.      Reopen the program by finding it on the “start button”.  Once open it will insert itself into the system tray (systray) at the bottom right of your screen.  Double click on the icon on the systray to bring up Instaverse.  Almost done!

16.      Then again click on “Menu” & you should see “Download Missing Books”.  Click on “Download Missing Books”.  On a broadband connection is takes a minute or so until they appear.  Once they are loaded they will be available by clicking the drop down menu arrow next to “KJV”.  I hope this helps.  If you really like them you can go to the Instaverse site & pay for each one you want.  I think they were $8 each for the 2 I bought.

17.      The ESV version is awesome.  You will notice that there are footnotes within the body of each verse.  If you click on the superscript the footnoted verses will appear.  Then you can hover the mouse each & a small window with popup with the verse text.  If then want to actually go to that verse & passage you can click on the footnoted text.  Very cool!